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Roqui's Hobbit-Hole

Elijah Wood Photo Manips

27 August 1981
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Roqui's Hobbit-Hole

Welcome to my hobbit-hole - a journal for my pervy little attempts to make Elijah Wood look even more sexy than he already is. You might say that's impossible and I somewhat even agree with you, but I think we all feel he doesn't show enough skin in his photoshoots and/or films. That's why I began crafting photo manipulations of our dear lil' Lij. Most of them are at least shirtless representations of him, so if explicit nature of this journal's artwork offends you, please go elsewhere.

You can also spot an occasional Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Tom Welling, Justin Timberlake, Josh Holloway, Dominic Monaghan, etc. photo manipulation at this journal.


CREDITING: If you use any of my artwork, I'd be very grateful if you credited me. Some manips demanded an awful amount of time to make and I somehow feel emotionally attached to them, so I'd feel very happy if you credited me as Roqui and linked the piece in question back to my LJ.

This is not a must for icons - feel free to take them without asking - but for photo manipulatons I would like it if you told me exactly which manips you're taking and for which purpose. Thank you!

DO NOT HOTLINK! We all know that's a major no-no.

DO NOT ALTER! Unless by my permission.

Not for the fainthearted!